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Come on you sad fuckers. Bring on the anti-social abuse!

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BACK TO THE ROOTS AND UP TO THE HILT............especially for you overly sensitive precious cunts!

The suicide hotline says "tell them I'm not here" when you call.   When you went to Mexico, people loved you so much, they couldn't help but to offer you a big glass of water.  If your favorite color were a person, even it would think you were boring. 

2 points for graphic, tasteless imagery... -2 points because tit-wrench has borderline personality disorder and will probably have a hard time dealing with criticism. 5 points for jerking off onto a Ronald Reagan bobblehead.

Titt-Wrangler said:

very good sockmunkey. do you plan to do that before or after you catch me with my fist up your sisters ass while i knock one out over your mums face while she is sucking my nutts as your dad dies by hanging himself while tugging off to a picture of you?

When you were young the cunts who ran orphanage had to put cigars up your arse so that Saville would give you a limp!

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