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I often put my nans knitting needles down my jap's eye...

all the way down into my sack. It's like being fucked in the cock. My nan used to egg me on and get me to "double up" with the needles. It hurt like fuck to begin with - but then I moved onto celery. 


Do you think I'd be pushing it with the butt end of a snooker cue? And is it wrong that my wife can get three fingers in me?



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i stick a black mamba up my arse during sex just to spice things up a little

my black friend jamahl says, he has a black mamba in his pants ... did you mean that one, mary? (i have a red headed albino mamba for u, if u want ....)

Mary Honk said:

i stick a black mamba up my arse during sex just to spice things up a little


Did she happen to drop a stitch or just box the jesuit and fart on your balls?

i like to stick dynamite up my arse and blow my colon to smithereens when im coming its very invigorating
your rosette must be quite worn out by all these cocks, mambas, baseball sticks, dynamite sticks etc., baby ... i prefer these caverns when they are tight narrow and snug :P
i drive tractors up my mans are and whack his cock with a nail covered baseball bat he fucking loves it dirty bastard
i put jobbies on my cornflakes
We need more intelligent discussions like good old mr cunty ..where are you cunty we fucking miss you and would like to get an address to send back your nanas severely soiled panties
Rather deep discussion I must agree.Inserting various and sundary down ones urethra is one way to while away hours. Try putting a fire cracker down and light fuse! Thats garenteed to get you off. Then again Im a fuckn pig so what the fuck would you listen to me.Oink oink.
Ooh I remember doing this when I was a boy

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