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1 Thom Priestley

Thom Priestley

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

2 William Henry Cosby

William Henry Cosby

Beverly Hills, CA, United States

3 The King of Chi-Town

The King of Chi-Town

Chicago, IL, United States

4 Angry Designer

Angry Designer

Cuntistan, United Kingdom

5 The Bastard Child No One Wanted

The Bastard Child No One Wanted

Scottown, OH, United States

6 No Justice for Just Us !

No Justice for Just Us !

Fruitland, IA, United States

7 German Ramos©®™

German Ramos©®™

Lehigh Acres, FL, United States

8 Hugh Jass

Hugh Jass

Glasgow(east end) ..Scotland, United Kingdom

9 One Irish MotherFucker

One Irish MotherFucker

Boston, MA, United States

10 Mary Honk

Mary Honk

ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

11 Johnny ( Booty Bandit ) Paleezer

Johnny ( Booty Bandit ) Paleezer

Houston, TX, United States

12 Mr. Bum Fucker

Mr. Bum Fucker

Middleboro, MA, United States

13 Saint Lucifer

Saint Lucifer

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