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1 Yonathan Widiyanto

Yonathan Widiyanto

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

2 John Ashley

John Ashley

United States

3 Frankie Luchiano Andretti

Frankie Luchiano Andretti

Miami, FL, United States

4 Shit Funnel Whore

Shit Funnel Whore

Glouster, OH, United States

5 Permanently-Pissed-off-Pete


Satan's Knackersack, United Kingdom

6 Emma


Toronto, Canada

7 Cocka Doodle Doo

Cocka Doodle Doo

Delhi, LA, United States

8 David Nicolas

David Nicolas

United Kingdom

9 Chucky


Chicago, IL, United States

10 Perverted Pope

Perverted Pope

the Vaticunt, Italy

11 Dicky Bonez

Dicky Bonez

Lingo, NM, United States

12 Saint Lucifer

Saint Lucifer

13 Leader of The USS ARSE

Leader of The USS ARSE

Moscow, Russian Federation

14 Ching Long Long Dong ®

Ching Long Long Dong ®

Meally, KY, United States

15 Super Nanny

Super Nanny

London United Kingdom

16 Ben Dover

Ben Dover

Dover, DE, United States

17 Mary Honk

Mary Honk

ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

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