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How many of you twats have ever gave yer dog a wee wank or a gobble ..I used to lick out my grans golden retriever and on occasions fingered it's wee arse sometimes I would let it lick my baws and cock ..I remember once whacking it's face with my fully erect boaby ..fuck ya right on the nose ya golden retriever cunt ...never did pump it though but was sorely tempted ..have you ever wanked gobbled or even pumped yer dug if so what breed and how good was it ..did you make it come...I once poked a tramps arse with a hardened dogs shite ..smashing so it was

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Comment by Bunyip Pig on May 4, 2014 at 8:02pm
I had a dalmation many years ago when my balls sagged less and my arse was tight. Oh how I loved his knot and his deep thrusts as he filled me with sperm. The best tasting dog cum I ever tasted. Three years he faithfully served me till a car took his cock to doggie heaven. Rip Spot ya horny buggerizer.

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