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1. There’s always a catch.
2. There’s always a tangle.
3. There’s always a few bites.
4. There’s more than 1 fish you can catch.
5. The 1 that got away, got away for a reason.
6. You always reel in a few small rewards before you get a big one.
7. If your down on your luck fish on the other side.
8. Patience is a great quality.
9. If you loose your fishing pole, you haven’t lost yet…Jump right on in after it!!!
10. It isn’t always how far you cast, it’s how you work with how far you have casted.
11. Just when you realize that you are having fun the day is over, but there’s a heck of a lot of night left!
12. Just when your about to give up you get what you’ve been working for!!!

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