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I feel as if the human race has become so stunted that we our failing as a species. Our basic instincts have been thrown into the darkest part of our brains and just left to be forgotten. How do you people not realize that we live to die… We work in this world at these big corporate companies just to try and advance, when advancing is pointless for the simple fact by the time you get to enjoy all moving up and having the money your pretty much dead.

Your simple minds don’t even understand that money is pointless, its paper that our government prints out to try and keep peace. Your money is constantly losing its value, how does that make you feel inside? To realize one day we will be like that African country where the most common bill is a billion dollar bill that will only get you a carton of milk. Money has to be the stupidest thing that we the human race as invented.. Third world countries still have the right idea use items for bartering. Its sad to know that most kids now adays don’t even realize that money is backed by gold (according to some its not even backed by gold anymore) and the more we print the less its worth, and how is gold worth so much to the human species? Because its shiny and pretty no other reason, its useless … The human race has resorted to being like meth addicts and finding the shinier the object the “cooler” it is. I’m hoping your seeing where I’m coming from by now.

We believe we are safe in our little country, but in fact we are not. Your constantly at danger from “local” terrorism from gang bangers and dope addicts. The human race is a sick sick species, we have no true way of knowing what another human being is going to do, so how can you ever truly feel safe? I mean take for example all the mothers who have killed there own offspring? We are ANIMALS.. and thats how we should live… we should do what we where meant to do, LIVE LIFE WITH OUT GOING THROUGH THESE UPS AND DOWNS OF CIVILIZATION.

On a side note.. I realize why we need civilization but I do not agree with it…

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Comment by Anonymous_Kodyt on October 20, 2011 at 12:23am
Lol yeah, it hit me when I was reading this again why "we" have it. I wish we didn't at time lol.
Comment by Novacrime on October 19, 2011 at 11:56pm

Luv your side note. 


Civilized people (only) in civilized times.

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