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Twattereality: Send an Email to & call him a cunt

So this could be the first incidence of twatter seeping into real life ...


This stupid little fuck has put his email on show & this is an opportunity to break out of the box & put real hands on the throats of these Indo cunts!


With dark & twisted cunts like me around - surely that's a mistake.


I'm so dark I even use a black towel, so I can feel evil stepping out of the shower - none of this pastel blue fluffy shit!


Anyway - let's post his email on toilet walls in gay bars (Mitchell Ryan Link, AJ Scott & Joel Duval - you could help out here), porn sites etc, as well as emailing him directly to tell him what a stupid cunt he is.


Mean you say? Well - maybe a little, but I think it will serve as a good life lesson - things like this fuck you in the ass in real life - these Indo fucks have no idea.

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