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Gawkman: Hey Murph, YER DUMB!
    Murph: No, YER dumb!
Gawkman: No, no- YER dumb!
    Murph: Well, yer dumb cuz you got glasses on.
    Gawkman: Well, yer... DUMB!
    Murph: Yer nose is funny, and dumb.
    Gawkman: Well, yer eyes are dumb.
    Murph: Well, I'm gonna sing why yer dumb.

    Murph: Yer books are overdue... Becuz yer dumb.
Gawkman: Yer hamster ran away... Becuz yer dumb.
    Murph:Yer shirt shrunk in the wash, because it's cotton. AND yer dumb.
    Gawkman::Well, yer toilet overflowed...

    Gawkman: You know Murph, yer not the only one who's dumb.
    Murph: Who else is dumb?
    Gawkman: Everybody!
    Murph:Yer right... they're all dumb!

    Gawkman: Hey YOU, you go to, Becuz yer dumb.
    Murph: And you downloaded this song Becuz yer dumb.
    Gawkman: Your hemrroids are inflamed Becuz yer dumb.
    Murph: Yer brain's all STUPID!

    Oh say, can you see Everyone is dumb but me
    I'm never, ever wrong And that's all you'll ever be.

    Murph: People who hold out notes are dumb. The longer you do that, the dumber you sound.

    Murph: It's daylight savings time... Becuz yer dumb.
    Gawkman: And that guy right there is dumb- Becuz yer dumb.
    Murph: One time you went to McDonalds and some french fries and some ketchup packets and you sat down to eat them but you couldn't get them open so you went to the store to buy some scissors but you didn't have enough money so you started running to your friends house to borrow some money so you could buy some scissors to open your ketchup packets and enjoy your french fries more fully but then just before you got to his front door a piano fell on your head... Becuz yer dumb.
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    Gawkman: Didn't see that one coming!

    Oh say, can you see Everyone is dumb but me
    I'm never, ever wrong And that's all you'll ever be.

    Murph: Yer dumb - the song - now die. Yer dead because yer dumb. Oh wait, you're still alive. Yer still dumb nonetheless.
    Gawkman: (roar)
    Murph: you roared cuz yer dumb!
   (heavy music)
    Murph: ur dumb cuz u thought the heavy part waz over!
   (more heavy music)

    Gawkman: You died while in the pit Becuz yer dumb.
    Murph: Your funeral was boring... Cuz yer dumb.
    Gawkman: You're six feet underground Becuz yer dumb.
    Murph: Now yer all dead and stuff.

    Gawkman: Yer dumb cuz this sounds like a Deftones song.
    Murph: Yer dumb cuz pandas are endangered.
    Gawkman: Yer dumb cuz everything's composed of matter.
    Murph: Yer dumb because... smiley face
    Gawkman: Yer dumb because this recording studio is just my closet in my apartment. And.. yer dumb because I'm out of dumb things to say- DUMMY!

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